Multi Purpose

"These adaptable areas serve as dynamic hubs, accommodating diverse functions to meet the ever-changing demands of modern living. Whether it's a multifunctional room in a home, a flexible workspace, or a community center with diverse amenities, multipurpose spaces provide the flexibility to transform and optimize their use based on different occasions and requirements. Embracing innovation and functionality, these spaces empower individuals and communities to make the most out of their surroundings, fostering creativity, collaboration, and a seamless integration of various activities."


The Vinayak City has recently seen an escalating rise along with the spreading of different players in this industry. Each player tries to entice the customers with their unique offerings intending to fulfil the wishes of the customers to live a happy and lavish life. To suffice these expectations of people by providing innovative and customer focused solutions, Speedway Builders Pvt. Ltd. is a nascent and fast-growing company in North India and is here to build new commitments in the Vinayak city sector 03.


 Are you offering the good amenities?

Certain amenities are an absolute must-have in gated plots. For instance, gated plots in upcoming areas should have Tar roads that are wide enough and provide basic amenities that are required for construction of a house. Also, the plots should be equipped with storm water drains, underground sewerage pipelines, and electricity connection.

 Is the plot developer capable and experienced enough to take care of EVERYTHING?

All you have to do is make a payment, verify the documents from your side, and be present to sign off the agreement & Sale Deed. At Sizzle Properties, buying a land is as simple as that. We will never trouble you or waste your time, though you are welcome to crosscheck at any stage merely for you satisfaction.

What shall be the appreciation value for land in the next few years?

Normally, a well-located plot with excellent amenities and connectivity will fetch you a good price within a year or two. For instance, at Sizzle Properties, one of our projects known as “Vinayak city” was sold at INR 32000 Per Sq.Ft.